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- There is a love of classic cars that just cannot be
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- Tired of the cumbersome shopping basket carts that
- In order to be successful in a home based business
- There are forces at work in this world that

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 Are you a college student it is true Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Are you a college student it is true, heading off to a four year University can be a blast and a wonderful break from that high school drama. Finally, you can get that privacy from your over-bearing folks, and enjoy your very own apartment or dorm. Its all about parties and staying out late, right? Okay, well maybe not so much. I mean you did come to Metal circle gasket college for an actual education. Didnt you? Regardless of its highlights, college life can nevertheless be a great deal of work. Once youve delved into your first semester, youll certainly know what I mean. In this day and age, the concept of higher education has been taken to a whole new level. Not everyone wants the campus and party life of a young college student. Not everyone wants to search for parking places daily in order to attend classes. This is why people can now acquire a degree in education online. Yes indeed, I did say via the Internet. You have a PC or Mac, dont you? Have you ever come across the topic degree in education online? Its actually still a fairly new one. Although many people dont know and fully understand it yet, they can achieve a valid degree in education online; completely from the comfort of your own home. Wouldnt that be choice? Lets say you are a parent that works. Now, you may or may not have the time to attend a University the old fashioned way. This is where a degree in education online comes into play. You find the college you wish to attend, and read about the degree requirements. Then its time to inquire about their degree in education online abilities. They may have that exact degree youre looking for, but with online courses. This allows you to continue casually with your daily regime. You can get online at will and deal with your course work. So many Universities across the nation are expanding on this innovative topic. Wow, is the world becoming convenient! If you are striving to get a college education, but dont have the time to live the college lifestyle, then maybe its time to explore the concept of degree in education online. Once youve acquired your books and consulted with the professor, youll simply deal with the course from the comfort of your living room. Dont let life stop you from getting that education youve always wanted.

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 According to an article in World Oil Magazine entitled Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

According to an article in World Oil Magazine entitled, Three super-giant fields discovered offshore Brazil, by Arthur Berman; three new offshore oil fields have been discovered in Brazil's Santos Basin. The Brazilian oil company, Petrobas, announced, these fields, named Tupi, Jupiter and Carioca located 174 miles east of the State of Sao Paulo in the Atlantic Ocean. Based on preliminary drilling, these new wells may redefine the Carioca geologic structure, in the Santos Basin. This area may cover an area of 1,000 square miles. How does this new oil discovery compare with the largest oil field in the world, Ghawar in Saudi Arabia? Ghawar was discovered in 1951. It has produced an estimated 55 billion barrels of oil, averaging 5 million barrels per day. Ghawar covers an area of about 2,000 square miles. It averages 31 miles wide by 174 miles long. It is located in the eastern part of Saudi Arabia, about 75 miles west of the Gulf of Bahrain. It has produced an estimated 55 to 65 percent of the total Saudi production. Oil production from Ghawar comes from Jurassic age carbonate rocks. The average well depth is 6 to 7 thousand feet, with an oil thickness of 250 feet. This field has an inert anhydrous (calcium sulfate) seal. The American Petroleum Institute (API) defines oil by its density. Light oil has a density of 38 to 34 API. Medium oil has a density of 32 API, and heavy oil has a density of 29 API or less. The light oils are the most energy efficient and the easiest to refine. The heaver the oil the more like tar it is. West Texas light sweet crude has been a standard by which oils have been compared for many years. Preliminary results from Brazil's Santos Basin fields give a density ranging from 27API in the Carioca field to 30 API in the Tupi field. As you can see, this oil is significantly heaver than that of the Ghawar oil. The oil bearing formations are Lower Cretaceous, almost 100 million years younger than the oil bearing strata of the Saudi fields. In addition, the Santos Basin is entirely offshore. These wells will be drilled in 7,000 feet of water. They have an average total depth of over 22,000 feet. The oil thickness is estimated at 250 to 394 feet. There are several major production challenges in the Santos Basin. One is the drilling in such deep water. Another problem is the extent and type of cap rock covering the oil layer. In Ghawar, the cap rock was a relatively inert anhydrite. However, in the Santos Basin the cap rock is corrosive salt. Drilling and maintaining casing in 6,500 feet of this salt layer is a significant technical challenge. These three areas of the Santos Basin are estimated to contain almost 40 billion barrels of oil. If these estimates are true, then these fields will be the third largest ever discovered, and the largest discovered in the last 30 years. However, this oil is much harder to get out, is much higher density and therefore harder to refine. While this discovery is good, it tends to Custom Sheet Metal OEM Custom Design Stamping Parts give credibility that the days of cheap oil have passed. These new oil fields comprise a 40 billion barrel downturn when compared to the super giant fields of the past. The world needs to take notice and become much more aware of how we develop and use this increasingly hard to get resource. Two sources must be credited for the technical and factual information in this article. These sources are Twilight in the Desert by Matthew R. Simmons and the article in World Oil Magazine noted at the beginning. I wanted to give you a quick and incisive overview of these important developments in the oil industry.

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 Several years ago elliptical exercisers were introduced Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Several years ago elliptical exercisers were introduced to the fitness world and have since become very popular and very sophisticated. Over 6 million people now use elliptical exercisers as part of their regular routine. Elliptical exerciser technology is relatively new. The word elliptical means oval shaped. The basic design of the elliptical exerciser uses oval pedaling motion for a smooth, elliptical movement that provides a low impact form of weight bearing exercise. You begin by standing with your feet firmly planted in the movable footpads. The advantage of your feet being stationary makes this a smooth and non-jarring motion that is unique to Customized Stamping Parts the elliptical exerciser. Grab the handles and add the upper body movement for a total body workout. It is easy to learn and fun to use. Elliptical exercisers provide a total body workout that is safe for beginners and will even challenge the more advanced athletes, creating a great cardiovascular workout. Because most people like to use these machines they are more likely to workout on a regular basis. Consistent exercise on the elliptical exerciser will help in attaining good overall cardiovascular health. Elliptical motion feels very natural and compliments normal body movements only making it feel like the workout is easier. The elliptical exerciser is equal or greater than similar equipment such as the treadmill creating a safer workout. It reduces the harmful stress and impact on your muscles and joints. With time a major concern in our daily lives, an elliptical exerciser can be very desirable. It provides a total body workout utilizing one machine therefore saving time in having to go from machine to machine to achieve the same effect for all the different areas of the body. Studies have shown that generally the best fitness equipment provides weight bearing exercise that limits impact, has cardiovascular benefits and provides a total body workout. This makes an elliptical exerciser an ideal choice.

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 If you operate a small business then you know how Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

If you operate a small business then you know how crucial it is to save every penny. With the pressure of running your own business, it can often be easy to overlook areas of wastage and in some cases the drain on your cash flow can get out of hand before you know it. But don't despair. Here are some common sense, practical steps that you can take to ensure that you maximize your business performance: - Telephone costs. There are several ways to save money with telephone costs. Firstly, check with your carrier and have them review the usage patterns for your business. Does your current phone plan best suit your patterns of use? For more details www.lose-10-pounds-quick.com Could savings be made by switching to a more cost effective plan (or even to a different carrier)? Are you taking advantage of toll free numbers at every opportunity, for example when ordering stock? Would there be any advantage in switching to an internet based phone system? How much are staff using your phones for personal calls? While we like to think that it doesn't happen to excess, the reality is that many business owners lose considerable amounts every month through abuse by staff. - Electricity costs. As with your phone costs, electricity is a major expense to most small business owners. Air conditioning chews through the power, so make sure that your system is serviced regularly, is set by timer, and where possible, that the control unit is accessible only by you, or by someone you delegate. Staff constantly changing the settings can add significantly to your power costs. You want your business to look it's best, so lighting is important. However you should always ensure that lights are switched off in areas where they are not needed (subject to health and safety requirements of course). One way of ensuring this may be to have lights in those areas switched to a sensor system, where they come on when someone enters the room, then switch off automatically when they leave. Energy efficient globes may also provide savings. Does your office machinery have an energy efficiency rating? Today, many manufacturers of copiers, faxes, printers etc provide an energy efficiency rating, so it may be that you can make savings when you make your next purchase. - Postage Costs. If your business has high postage costs, there are ways to make real savings. Are you regularly mailing out small batches of mail? If so, would you benefit by having less frequent mail outs, but higher volumes in each mail out? For more details www.82-money-pocket.com Check with your postal service to see if you are eligible for any bulk postage discounts. Do you send marketing material out separately to invoices? What about sending them out together? - Freight costs. Can you save money by switching to a different carrier? Can you save money by reducing the frequency of deliveries? Would it be more cost efficient to pick up stock yourself? - Marketing Costs. Have you ever really evaluated the return on your marketing dollar? If not, now is the time. You need to survey your clients and ask them how they heard about you. Did they come to Custom Sheet Metal OEM Custom Design Stamping Parts you because of that last brochure? Did they hear about you from another customer? Marketing can be expensive, and costs can vary considerably depending on the type of marketing you use. TV or radio advertising can be expensive, but can reach a wide audience. What return will you receive compared to a mail out? - Slow moving stock. How much is that old stock costing you? It restricts your cash flow and takes up valuable space. If you are an importer/exporter and rely on currency fluctuations, then you need your stock to turnover regularly. Have you considered setting up an online store through eBay? These days it's not too expensive, and may just be the solution you need.

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 TO the ordinary a mere flash in the consciousness Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

TO the ordinary a mere flash in the consciousness--it comes, it goes, and there is an end to it. To the student of Mind however, thought is known to be the power that is greater than any other power--a force that controls all other forces. An American writer speaking of Universal Mind says: "It thinks, and Suns spring into shape; It wills, and Worlds disintegrate; It loves and Souls are born." It will thus be seen that thought is the origin of the visible Universe. All that we see around us is the result of thought. We may even go further, and say that all the invisible forces, which keep the wonderful machinery of the Universe working perfectly and smoothly, are but the thought-energies of the same Universal Mind. As in the macrocosm so is it in the microcosm; the subliminal mind of man is the same in essence as the Universal Mind of the Universe; the difference is not one of kind but of degree. In our world, our circumstances, our life, our bodies, we stand supreme, or rather we have within us the power, which properly directed, can make us supreme. This power is "Thought." Thought is so subtle, so elusive, that it has by the majority of men, been considered impossible of control, but the greatest philosophers, seers and leaders in the World's history have known differently. All that they achieved, they accomplished through the power of thought; and this was possible because they had learned the art of thought control. "What man has done, man can do." This was never so true as it is today, because the science of Mind is now being spread abroad, and that it is possible for quite ordinary people to learn how to control their thoughts, is now known to be a scientific possibility. Dr. Abrams in his epoch-making book entitled "New Concepts in Diagnosis and Treatment; The Practical Application of the Electrotonic Theory in the Interpretation and Treatment of Disease," describes how he has discovered the energy of thought and measured it by means of an instrument called the Bio-dynamometer. With one subject in a room with closed doors, and another subject, in another room, forty or more feet away, it was found that one subject could affect the other by a definite exercise of thought. Anger and emotion yielded an energy which produced an effect at a distance of eighty feet. Dr. Abrams also found that there arts three great energy centers in the human body, the right and left side of the brain, called by him the right and left psychomotor areas; and the finger tips. When the brain is actively engaged in thought there is an increase in the discharge of energy from the psychomotor areas, and also from the finger tips. It was also found that ordinary people discharged energy from one psychomotor area only, but a great thinker discharged energy from both. The amount of energy discharged in this way can be gauged by the fact that Edward Markham, the poet, discharged energy from his left psychomotor area alone equal to a resistance of sixty ohms. As the energy discharged from a giant magnet with a lifting capacity of 400 lbs. to the square inch is only thirty-two ohms, we can form some idea of the immense power of thought which man possesses. The flow of energy from the finger tips is also suggestive. In all ages the laying on of hands has been recognized as a healing act, now it is proved by scientific means to Ventilation Duct Parts have been simply the power or energy of thought. You will therefore see that "thought" so far from being "an airy nothing" or a mere flash in the consciousness is a wonderful and potent force, the most wonderful and potent force of which we know.

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